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Published: 29th April 2010
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Pete Thomas Scamardo was born and raised in Reno, Nevada, but has resided in Las Vegas, Nevada for the last 3o years. While growing up he always looked at the future while building the first blocks towards his future success in life. Pete Scamardo's first love and dream was baseball. As a youngster, Pete immediately became interested in sports. He would play catch in the yard with his father, who loved baseball. He soon started to play baseball to try and follow in the footsteps of his older brother whom he idolized growing up. His brother went on to play baseball in college. Pete played all through his childhood, but after a bike accident, he sidelined his future as a baseball player. As a retired sales manager, Pete is now the coach of his very own little league team.

Pete's second love is the outdoors! He spends many days hiking with his dog Tao, rock climbing, and exploring the beautiful caves of Red Rock Canyon. Some of his favorite and most beautiful trails (waterfalls included) are Lost Creek - easy hike for the whole family. The trailhead is located in Willow Springs, which is 6.2 miles along the Scenic Loop Road. Ice Box Canyon Waterfall: a moderate hike to the waterfall. Some boulder hopping is required. The trailhead is located 7.3 miles along the Scenic Loop Road. First Creek Waterfall: an easy hike, but hard to find since there are no signs indicating there's a waterfall. The trailhead is located along State Route 159, four miles beyond the turnoff for Red Rock Canyon along the right (west) side of the road. Since the trailhead is not on the Scenic Loop, there's no fee! Many of his hiking adventures also produce beautiful photographs. Although he is not a professional photographer by trade, his love and eye for beauty in nature, would fool anyone. Many of his photographs are turned into artwork for his Las Vegas home.

Pete is now retired from his position as Retail Sales Manager of a high end Las Vegas boutique. Even though he is retired now, Pete still likes to fill his time with side projects. He is quite the handy man and tends to be the first person his family members go to if they need something fixed. Some would call him a jack of all trades.

Pete Thomas Scamardo also likes to lend a helping hand to people in need. He has put a lot of his time into volunteering for the Salvation Army. He has also traveled to Mexico to help children with special needs.

When not spending time in the outdoors of Las Vegas, or volunteering his time, Pete can be found hanging out with his dog Tao, watching a great sports game, or playing his favorite game of cards with his friends. After residing in Las Vegas for the last 30 years, Pete Thomas Scamardo doesn't have any future plans of leaving the state that he was born and raised in. His favorite part about Las Vegas is the fact that it never gets too cold, there are palm trees all year round, and there are beautiful mountains that are just a short drive away.

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